Going Beyond the About Me Page

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By now you may have read the About Me Page so you’ve learned the talking points about me: background working in advertising, loves to help people live their best lives, relocated to North Carolina after growing up in Southern California.


A Few of My Favorite Quirks:

  1. The smell of peanut butter makes me green

  2. I’d sell my soul for the perfect slice of coconut cake

  3. I’m pretty sure I’m going to win the HGTV SmartHouse Giveaway this year (and no, I’m not sharing the link.)

  4. I have the weirdest taste in music. Ever. While writing this blog I’ve heard Sinead O’Conner, Ludacris, Justin Timberlake and Michael Buble

  5. Speaking of music, the first concert I went to was Kenny Loggins. Highway to the Danger Zone indeed

I’ve always made a point of making people’s lives easier. I’m sure I get it from my mom who has always made sure everyone in her life is taken care of. After graduating from college, I (naively) thought I could make a difference by entering the world of politics. I moved to Washington, DC where I stayed for 4 years gamely trying to improve life through legislation. Between that never coming true (and becoming fairly jaded about politics) and my car door freezing shut one Valentine’s Day, I scurried home back home to California to begin work at an advertising agency.

I poured my heart and lost a bit of my soul at that job only to be laid off when the recession began. After working vehemently for months to find another job in advertising I realized something very important: I didn’t even like working at an agency. It wasn’t a good fit for me and I certainly was not cutthroat enough to achieve rank in that industry. Lucky for me coming to that realization was how Organized to a T was born. It took until I was 30 to find a career I was passionate about.

Being a Professional Organizer has allowed me the opportunity to bring positive change into people’s lives. And that opportunity is something I am grateful for every day. As I expand my business into creating social media graphics for my fellow organizing peers and other female entrepreneurs I’m so happy to find that I’m able to bring about positive impact. My goal everyday is to make lives easier, less cluttered and give back more time for the fun in life!