What I Learned From Being Sick

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This week I’ve been a hot mess.

(Remember when I mentioned that I’m nothing if not unwaveringly honest about my fails?)

I was sick enough on Tuesday to stay in bed, cancel client appointments and not appear on a planned webinar. Wednesday was spent continuing to recoup and then be mad at being sick. (Yep, that’s right, I literally get mad about being sick and wasting time in bed)

I had so much to do this week, friends. I’ve joined an online female entrepreneur group and this was the launch week. I had client work to begin and finish. I had the aforementioned webinar that I needed to be present for plus finishing the handout and follow up with panelists.   I’m in the middle of an email engagement course. I had workouts to do. Meals to cook. Dogs to get exercised. My website to update.This blog to write. Social media posts to post. Emails of prospective clients to return. A calendar to stick to. A grocery list to get together. Volunteer work to do. Relationships to nurture.

The list goes on and on. We’re all busy. You get it.

What wasn’t on my list was giving myself a bit of grace. I got sick. It happens. There was literally nothing I could do about it. And what wasn’t going to help was stressing myself out over what I hadn’t gotten done. I had to remind myself I have great clients who understand when I am not available. And understanding fellow volunteers who didn’t miss a beat when I wasn’t there to help with our webinar. And wonderful loved ones who brought me popsicles and took care of my dog.

What I did (finally) remind myself about this morning was that I did my best. And I will do my best when it comes to catching up this week. So what if this blog post was totally unplanned and not particularly long? So what if I missed an Instagram post or two? Life goes on. And it will go on better if I treat myself with a bit of grace.

I hope this can serve as a reminder to you to approach setbacks with kindness and gentleness. Here’s to a great rest of the weekend and recharging weekend. Cheers!