Not Getting Stuck in the Past

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I’m beginning to think that TimeHop is the devil.

(for those of you that don’t know, TimeHop is an app that scans all your social media accounts to show you what happened on that particular day in previous years. Some of my status posts go back 9 years. It’s terrifying)

This morning I scanned TimeHop, hoping for cute puppy pictures and instead was informed that one year ago today, I launched my new website.

The new website that I’m currently re-doing.

My reaction was delightful mix of frustration, disbelief, annoyance and lastly, shame. I couldn’t believe that I just built this website (with my own two hands mind you) and here I was re-creating it. Why didn’t I just do it right the first time?

I’ve heard similar reactions from clients. They will see a picture (or simply have a vivid memory)  of a room that used to be organized and will very quickly feel defeated. They assume they “failed” or they are incapable of keeping a space organized. They feel like they are starting all over and will need to begin from scratch.

The same thing goes for my graphic clients. They will think to themselves “what was I doing a year ago?” “Why didn’t I educate myself better when it came to social media?” “Why did I wait to call you?”

Only problem is, not much of that is true. Life is organic. It’s constantly growing and evolving and let’s be honest, the last thing you want it to become is static. Changes happen, circumstances change and we need to choose to roll with it. The truth is you aren’t starting over. The work you put in made a difference then. And it’s making a difference now. I’m not having to entirely rebuild my website. The frame is there. I’m just changing the look. In fact, the process is made easier by the work I did a year ago.

Don’t get stuck in the past. Don’t allow the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s to define you.

Forward. Positive. Motion