The Three Things You Must Have to Get Organized

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So, you’ve decided to get organized.  *insert trumpets, cheering crowds and confetti* A phrase I learned a long time ago (and has stuck with me since) is fundamental when it comes to getting organized: “Set yourself up for success”. That philosophy rings true for a lot of moments in life and is especially true when it comes to organizing! There are three essential tools for any organizing project. And even though it pains me slightly to say this, the list does not include my beloved label maker or post-its.


TIME: I won’t lie. Organization takes time. How much time depends on the level and depth of the project. But don’t shortchange yourself by not devoting the appropriate amount of time to what you want to get done. It’s absolutely fine to divide the project up into a few days or a few weeks. Be realistic with finding that balance between that time you are willing and/or able to give and the end goal of being organized. Make sure you allow yourself time to take breaks so you don’t get burned out and just quit all together!


SPACE: The process of organizing isn’t rocket science: Bring down, purge, sort, put back, take donations or trash. But what you do need for this process is space. Ideally, you would make the space in the room or area that you are working in. But sometimes, life ain’t perfect. You may need to bring things into a different space in order to properly see and deal with everything at the same time.

PATIENCE: Sometimes the process of organizing doesn’t happen overnight. You may hit some roadblocks and bumps in the road. You may find making decisions stressful or even impossible. The project may take far longer then you had originally estimated. Your space didn’t magically become unorganized likely took some time. In turn, it’s going to take some time to become the space you need and want it to be. But if you able to take a deep breath, visualize your goal and think about how life will be easier, you’ll be able to get there. Feel like you need the help of an expert? I’m here to help!