Taking the Drama out of Purging

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Purging (verb): to rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify


I know. It's the word most likely to strike fear into a client's hearts. Purging. They have images of their beloved items flying out of their windows while I stand with one hand on my hip and the other cracking a whip. I promise it's not quite that scary.

Purging is an essential part of organizing. There are very few people out there who don't live with too much stuff, myself included! Who hasn't bought a shirt they've only worn once or a kitchen utensil that never saw the light of day? It happens. But to get a space truly organized, you have to begin with purging. Purging will allow you to only keep those things you want and need. Purging will allow you more space for the things you love. Purging will free your space and your mind.


If you're having a little trouble with this part of the process, here are some things to ponder:

FIND A CHARITY: Is there a charity that you feel great about supporting? Tagging items with them in mind may help in your ability to let them go. Don't have a favorite charity? How about thinking about how your extra scarf or sweater will help someone less privileged stay warm? Or how your child's toy (that they haven't played with in months) will brighten someone's day?

VERY FEW ITEMS ARE IRREPLACEABLE: With the exception of family heirlooms and sentimental pieces, things that are lost can be found again. If you truly find you need something you purged, you can always replace it. But my guess is once it's out the door you'll forget about it.

THINK OF THE SPACE: How exhausting is it to look at an overcrowded space? Or be shoving things aside to get to what you need? Purging will help the space work for you and not the other way around. Space will allow you to have those items you most love and need to be displayed so that they are given the proper attention.

LIFE WILL BE EASIER: Less to clean, less to sort, less to deal with, less to maintain. With fewer things, comes more freedom. And more time. Who doesn't want more of that?