8 Simple Ways to Get Organized

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MEDICATIONS: Throw together a quick spread sheet of the medications you take that includes name, dosage, schedule and prescribing doctor. Keep this on hand for everyone in your house so in case of an emergency you won’t need to gather the mediation bottles. In addition, here is a great list of apps that will track the medications for you (among other features).


MAIL: I strongly urge people to go through mail daily. It takes 5 minutes at the most to sort, open, place in a to-do folder or throw away. If you only want to go through it weekly, make sure it at least gets placed in a designated area or basket so it’s all together when you take time to go through it


RETURNS: Need to return or exchange something to a store? Put it by the door or in your car trunk. It’s an easy reminder to get it taken care of


RESUABLE BAGS: They aren’t going to use themselves. Same as the returns, put them in an easy location to grab as you walk out the door or leave them in your trunk. Because I sometimes take different cars to the store, I prefer to keep them in the house. (or you can spread them amongst all the cars in your family!)


GROCERY LIST: Put a pad of paper on the fridge so that household members can easily write down items they’ve run out as soon as they realize they’ve run out. Don’t try to remember these items when you are at the store. You never will. Want to use some tech to your advantage? Take a glance at this list of grocery store apps. Also check to make sure your local store doesn’t have its own app!


BOOKLIST: This one is for my fellow bookworms. Use an app or website (I love Good Reads) to track your books so you can remember what you want to read, what you’ve read and which authors you’d read again. Extra bonus of this app? It lets you scan the ISBN number and automatically loads the book into your “Want to Read” shelf.


COUPONS: Only save the ones you will actually use. Find a place for them that will visually remind you they exist. For some people that may be our wallet, for others it might be in the house. Review them once a week to make sure they are still valid and you still have a need for them.  Tired of the paper? Here is a review of coupon apps that can you help you find a favorite.

APPS: Speaking of apps, every once in a while do a purge on your phone and tablet. Haven’t used an app or don’t like it anymore? It’s time to go so it stops cluttering your screen and using up valuable space.