After years of working in advertising for both political campaigns and major movie releases, I’ve spent the last seven years organizing people’s homes and offices to make their lives easier! One of my favorite philosophies is that organizing cannot be a one size fits all solution. Every client is unique and needs a customized approach in order to get and stay organized. I love talking to clients about their goals and developing a step-by-step plan to help them live the best life possible.

The biggest challenge I experienced as a solopreneur was having enough time to dedicate to my clients AND to my business (let alone having any sort of personal life). There was so much that I wanted to do but could never find the time or energy to get there. I often found myself wishing I could simply clone myself!

I never tire of being an advocate for my clients and making sure there is more time for them to devote to the fun parts of life. I firmly believe that is what being organized is all about: having more time for YOU and the things you love. After relocating my business 3,000 miles from where it was born, I began to embrace the concept of Virtual Organizing and realized how I could positively impact others lives, no matter where they are located. As I can often be heard saying “Technology is AWESOME” and I use it to its full advantage.

After spending most of my life in Southern California with a stint in Washington, DC, I relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, in the fall of 2015 where I never grow tired of seeing more trees than buildings.

When I’m not organizing other people, I love watching Steelers football (HERE WE GO), spending time with my family (including my rescue pups, Lucy), volunteering as a member of The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, trying out new recipes and exploring the Carolinas. 


"A rising tide lifts all boats"