Don’t see a service offered? Just ask! This is a very small sample of the ways I can help make your life easier. In order to provide the best possible service, I only accept a small number of clients at a time. YOU are my first priority.

  • Organizing Product Recommendations: The vast number of organizing products out there can be extremely overwhelming. After seven years in the industry, I have a strong grasp on what products are available, what’s worth the money and what will work in your space. I’m also constantly keeping tabs on what new products have been released in the marketplace. Give me an organizational problem and I will find you a product solution.


  • Calendar Setup and Management: I’ll help you not only learn how to start using a calendar (electronic or paper) but also how to maintain it and actually use it! Want to go a step further and actually have me manage your calendar by adding in content and reminding you of upcoming events? I can do that too.


  • Task List Management: Having a to-do list is the first step in being a successful, productive person. Whether it’s a google doc, an app or in a notebook, I can organize your tasks and help you to actually get them done using a system that is customized for YOU.


  • Space Planning and Organization: Organizing a space means finding a solution that works around you and not the other way around! Using your pictures and facetime or Skype, I will develop a step-by-step organizing plan specific to you and your space providing you with support from start to finish.



"Refuse to sink"